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Awesome Con 2016

written by Robin C. Farrell

My first convention was Baltimore Comic Con in September of 2013.  I knew about cosplay and I marveled (no pun intended) at the skill and detail some folks put into their work.  I have always been very at home in Geek Culture, but privately and had never seen that world up close.  It always seemed somehow out of reach; as a textbook introvert, I couldn’t see how I would be able to participate, but in my experience (both in costume and civvies) there is room for everyone.

Two Disney Ladies; Rey and Steampunk Ariel.

Some debate still remains in the cosplay community, but it’s my belief that Geek and Con culture as a whole is an outward manifestation of fandom and creativity, no matter the form or skill level.  Halloween was always my favorite holiday growing up.  Tremendous creative opportunity can be found in dressing up for Halloween (or any costume-centered event) if you’re looking for it, but once Trick-Or-Treating fell out of fashion, there was a surprisingly large void that cosplay would one day, not only fill but expand.  Cosplay is more than dressing up, it’s the meeting of worlds; the intersection of multiple fandoms, spectatorship and active creativity.

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Recap: May 2016

In spite of fourteen straight days of rain last month, we kept busy and motivated by staying on the move.  We went on location to the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes, one of our long-standing clients for a video shoot in honor of Vivian Bass, current CEO set to retire this year.  We shot and edited two videos for the Church of Christ at Manor Woods, both of which were used for a big successes at t in the words of senior pastor Dyke McCord, “the event was a huge success and the videos went over great – having the desired effect!”

We recorded a second round of testimonial videos at Arachnid Works, which happened to be on one of the few bright and sunny days of the month, which gave us a few challenges for lighting.  Towards the end of the month, we attended the Best Of the Washington, DC 48 Hour Film Project at the AFI Silver Theatre (where we also screened Apocalypse Rock last March).  Check out our film, Once Upon A Bedroom below!

We were in great company this year; many congratulations to Crash of Rhinos for multiple wins on their film, Rabbit Hole!

Regarding Apocalypse Rock, Brian attended the End of Days Film Festival, where the film picked up another award for Best Comedy!  Watch the video of Brian winning and answering audience questions.

EoD Photo

Even better, Apocalypse Rock DVD and Blu-Rays are nearly ready!  Final audio finishes have been sent to and returned from Studio Unknown and menus are being finessed.

We’re so looking forward to finishing the project and finally being able to share it with everyone.  Stay tuned!

Dining in West Chester

While on the road this month, we got the chance to experience the best of downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Here are our top five dining spots from the weekend:

1. Gemelli Dessert Cafe
This delectable little shop was located right across from the festival venue and, as such, we stopped in multiple times between film blocks.  Gelato and expresso; what’s not to love?

2. The Classic Diner (pictured below)
An upscale diner with all the staples of American dining, plus a plethora of modern dishes for the vegetarians in our group.  Our waiter also happened to look like a young Sean Astin.

3. Jaco Juice and Taco Bar
Brian was in the mood for tacos while Robin was a craving a fruit and veggie smoothie.  We found both at Jaco’s.  Organic ingredients, plentiful portions at reasonable prices and lots of flavor.  Definitely stop in if you’re in the area.

4. Lorenzo & Sons Pizza
Hands down, the largest pizza slices and pies we have ever seen.  And tasty, too!

5. Calios – The Calzone King
Our hours were crazy with the road trip down and staying out later than normal to catch as many of the films at the fest as possible.  Most places were closed down, but Calios was open until 4am!  While we weren’t up quite that late, it was a great discovery for us when we were craving a midnight snack.


April Showers Bring Adventure

April 2016 was a big month for DUO!  We hired our first full-time employee, received the green light on a series of marketing videos for one of our most valued clients, hit the road for a local film festival, made great new connections, launched a new collaboration with marketing firm ArachnidWorks, competed in and completed the 48 Hour Film Project for Washington, DC.


At the end of March, Robin Farrell joined our team as editor and writer – our first full-time employee.  We couldn’t be happier to see our company growing.

We started the “Floyd Series” for our client, SOLIDWORKS, at the end of 2015 with It’s No Secret and the main character of that video, Floyd (played by Kevin Brennan), became the new face for SOLIDWORKS World promos.  SOLIDWORKS gave us the chance to stretch our creative muscles by making an Epic Fantasy Trailer and Mockumentary, both of which were big hits.  Check them out below!

Presently, we’re moving forward with another series of videos for SOLIDWORKS, which will also star Floyd.  We’re excited to keep promoting SOLIDWORKS in such a unique way.

Mid-month, we headed north for the West Chester Film Festival, where our short film Apocalypse Rock was nominated – and won! – Best Comedy.  We also nearly snagged the H. Paul Fitzpatrick People’s Choice Award as runner-up by the closest margin of votes in the entire twelve-year history of the festival.
Check out the other award winners here.


We received so much positive feedback from the film and made great new contacts.  In particular, Vishwas (The Visit) and Connor Gabe (Snap Shot), both of whom joined us the following weekend for the DC 48 Hour Film Project.  We were delighted, as well, to be joined by Allie McFadden (Distilled, Welcome to the Neighborhood, Denouement).  We came in with a small, but strong team this year; wish us luck in making “The Best of the Fest”!

Also returning from West Chester, we teamed up with ArachnidWorks, a local marketing firm here in Frederick, MD, to produce testimonial videos for local businesses.  Round one was a big success and we’re looking forward to taking on more clients in this endeavor this month and into the rest of the year.  If you’re interested in having a testimonial video made for your company, contact us for more details:

Arachnid Background Options
Backdrop options for testimonial interviews.