Dining in West Chester

While on the road this month, we got the chance to experience the best of downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Here are our top five dining spots from the weekend:

1. Gemelli Dessert Cafe
This delectable little shop was located right across from the festival venue and, as such, we stopped in multiple times between film blocks.  Gelato and expresso; what’s not to love?

2. The Classic Diner (pictured below)
An upscale diner with all the staples of American dining, plus a plethora of modern dishes for the vegetarians in our group.  Our waiter also happened to look like a young Sean Astin.

3. Jaco Juice and Taco Bar
Brian was in the mood for tacos while Robin was a craving a fruit and veggie smoothie.  We found both at Jaco’s.  Organic ingredients, plentiful portions at reasonable prices and lots of flavor.  Definitely stop in if you’re in the area.

4. Lorenzo & Sons Pizza
Hands down, the largest pizza slices and pies we have ever seen.  And tasty, too!

5. Calios – The Calzone King
Our hours were crazy with the road trip down and staying out later than normal to catch as many of the films at the fest as possible.  Most places were closed down, but Calios was open until 4am!  While we weren’t up quite that late, it was a great discovery for us when we were craving a midnight snack.



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